We are available for all coffee professionals, whatever their specialization, to make detailed and precise reports determining the apparent now and in a near future, trends in following fields:


  • Economic and financial reports for each country (consumption, food habits).

  • The influence of emerging markets on the global coffee market.

  • Production of roasting coffee (quantity, origins, roasting method) for each country.

  • Production trends by region and by country (e.g. Asia-Africa, Brazil-Colombia).

  • Weight of the economic flows generated and their strategic significance, interdependence of the economies and their consequences.

  • Anticipating the quotations in the main developing countries (according to the meteorological phenomena, social unrest, speculations, predictable currency fluctuations, changes in behavior and consumption habits).

  • Incidence of mass marketing, distribution in short networks, in long networks, country by country, trainings specific to the techniques of coffee sales, to the marketing people, to distribution companies, to large distribution managers.

  • Development strategy of the coffee sector.


  • The correlation between environmental conditions and the plant quality and green coffee beans.

  • Improvement in the sensory profile of coffee thanks to:

– advanced agronomic techniques that can affect the nutrient composition of the coffee plant,
– analysis of the roasting process conditions and its influence on the formation of the molecules responsible for the aroma.

  • Studies on the chemical composition of the coffee cup and its impact on human health.

  • Development of innovative projects related to coffee at every stage of its production process.


  • New qualities trends.

  • Green coffee quantity (production, export, import) for each country.

  • Analysis of the food habits for each country.

  • Style and flavour preferences (espresso/brewed/milk-based mix, etc.).

  • Coffee consumption’s evolution (at home and outside).

  • Coffee from its origins up to now.


  • Intellectual property considerations for single-serve market.

  • Roaster industrialization in U.S and in the world.

  • Specific equipment involved and cost of equipment.

  • Coffee roasting process, expertise in creating blends, training of barista, technical and engineers.

  • Agronomic expertise.

We specialize too in:

  • ORGANIZING lectures, seminars, congresses, symposiums, exhibitions.

  • PUBLISHING all information as regards education and research about coffee.

  • GRANTING the IIC label (subject to eligibility), and thus contributing to the promotion of high-grade coffees, the most remunerative for the producers.

  • PASSING DOWN a know-how on to producers from Africa and Latin America.

  • TRAINING various interveners from the HORECA and VENDING sectors (marketing people, baristas, technicians).

  • TRAINING the marketing people of the coffee industry whoever they are, in techniques of the specific sale of roasted coffee (wholesalers, mass marketing).