Soluble dietary fibers

ANG_fibresIt is not usual to consider that some non digestible polysaccharides, normally called soluble dietary fiber (SDF), are common in many of beverages.

The beneficial properties of SDF have been known mainly for their physiological function but several studies show their important role in prevention of gastrointestinal problems, protection against cancers, reductions in cholesterol level and blood pressure.

The green and roasted coffee beans are very rich in non digestible dietary fibers that pass into hot water during the coffee brewing.

Polysaccharides are the main high weight molecular components of coffee beverage and serve to bind the aroma, give stability to foam, help sedimentation and increase viscosity of the infusion.

Moreover, dietary fibers of coffee beverage have a special beneficial properties in protection against colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer worldwide. It’s supposed that high effectiveness of coffee’s SDF in protecting the intestin is enhanced by chlorogenic acids and melanoidins antioxidants normally present in this extraordinary beverage. 

As for antioxidants, coffee stands out for the amount of SDF compared to other popular beverages (see the chart).